What the hell is a plugin ?

Plugins are external program that allow dcplaya developers or third party developer to add new features without the need to change version.
Plugins are available as files which should have a ".lef" or ".lez" extension. A ".lez" file is the same than ".lef" except it has been compressed with gzip utility.

Where can I find new plugins ?

At the time these lines are written there is no real dcplaya place for the plugin.

What kind of feature can be added ?

Plugins are sorted by category :
input - visual - object - image - executable


(music for your ears)

input plugin are probably the most important plugin category. It is used to add new playable music . A input plugin adds a new music file-type. It provides a file loader, a decoder and information on the music (author, bit-rate, duration ...).


(for your eyes only)

visual plugins provides visual effects. Nothing more to tell here except that visual plugin can have many options but dcplaya do not offer a nice gui to set them. Advanced users can use dcplaya console to change them.


(bitmap maniacs)

image plugins are used by dcplaya to load image file. Images could be use for multiple purposes. First images can be used as wallpaper for dcplaya background. It can be used by the graphic API (icons, sprites, textures...). Images plugins add a new image file-type and provides a file loader and information on this files (resolution, color space...).


(3D maniacs)

object plugins adds 3d objects that can be used by visual plugins. Current object plugin API is really poor and would probably be change in the future.


(developer realm)

executable plugins main purpose is to had functionalities to the dcplaya LUA interpretor. It adds new functions that could be run from dcplaya console or by dcplaya scripts. executable plugins are not limited to this. In fact it can do anything like patching dcplaya or whatever.