What is dcplaya ?

dcplaya is a free music player for the SEGA Dreamcast dreamcast logo.

dcplaya can play various music file format. Most popular of format such as mp3, ogg-vorbis, soundtracker, sid music, sc68 music and cd audio track are supported.

See features for more details.


dcplaya is a free software. It implies it is free of charge and it could be freely copied. Users could freely register to dcplaya. This is not required but help us to know the popularity of your program. See register for more details on the registration.


As dcplaya team would like to know the popularity of its program, it should not be massively distributed by a third party.
If you want to link dcplaya in your website, please do not link directly the distribution file. Link the dcplaya home page instead.

The distribution package could be change in the limit of the personnal use, as soon as the author rights are respected.

dcplaya must not be sell even without any benecice.

Please report abuse.


dcplaya comes without any warranty.

dcplaya is not an official SEGA product. It has been made with free software, without official documentation. dcplaya developpers have given the best to make a safe product. They use it dailly with no problem, but could not warranty you anything.

dcplaya is not a commercial product. It is freely distribued. dcplaya team have passed a long tine to give you this product and do not want to be implie with any purchasse. If you have a doubt about the fiability of dcplaya, do not use it!