File System

What are the supported file systems ?

dcplaya support iso9660 level 2 filesystem. The limitation of this filesystem is 31 characteres by name with a maximum of eight directory levels. dcplaya does not support Joliet (Micro$oft) extension but it does support Rock Ridge extension.

How can I make long filename CD ?

It depends on your burning software. You have to create a iso9660 level 2 CD. Joliet extension should not need to be desactivate ( I have to check this ! ).

You can find a front-end for cdrecord for Windows platforms at http://demosten.com/cdrfe that allows to burn CD with Rock Ridge extensions.

Where should I put my music files ?

You don't need to put the music files in the same disk than dcplaya. As soon as dcplaya has been loaded you can change the CD at any time. The song-browser application auto-detects disk change and loads the new disk content. If a music is playing in streaming mode (mp3, ogg ...) the playback will stop but no critical error should occur.


What playlist format are supported ?

dcplaya has a native support for m3u and pls playlist format.

What about other playlist format ?

It is really easy to add a playlist loader to dcplaya with the lua API. Anyway do you know other playlist file format ?

Variable Bit Rate support

Does dcplaya support MP3 variable bitrate (VBR and ABR) ?

Current dcplaya input plugin for playing mp3 is an old xing engine (a modified version of the one from KOS 1.15) that does not have support for VBR.

When does dcplaya have support for variable bitrate ?

Who knowns ? May be the VBR support could easily be added to the current xing engine. Or may be it will be easier to compile another mp3 decoder and to make a new plugin. You'll have to wait I find some time for this, or wait for a third party developer to do it as soon the plugin API and/or the source distribution are available.