Reporting bugs

Before reporting a bug check in the list below if it has already been reported.

Send a mail to dcplaya_bugs@sashipa.com. Do not forget to join the version number. You can find it in the RELEASE.txt file in the dcplaya CD. Try to make a short description of the bug and if you can If you experiment a way to produce it explain it point by point. Try to be the more precise has you can. In case of crash, some interessting value could be found in the console. If you have an access to it, try to report the first lines. (the exception type and the number after the PC...).

Reported bugs

playlist menu 2003/03/06
load/insert/append entries in playlist file menu does nothing.
Fixed in the next release.
cd command 2003/03/06
The cd command does not exist.
Use chdir() command.
Fixed in the next release.
parent menu 2003/03/06
Opening the contextual menu (X) on the parent in the top directory of a filesystem (eg. /cd/ or /ram/) makes the song_browser application crash.
When it happens, you have to restart "manually" the enhanced-shell by typing `shell` in the console.
Fixed in the next release.
zed save file 2003/03/08
Writing file (F2) with zed (dcplaya text editor) failed.
Apologize. This is a very stupid error in the zed_writefile() function. It should be possible to fix it by overloading this function but the patch must be written from the console with lua file functions (fileopen(), write() and fileclose()).
Obviously fixed in the next release.