m68k-atari-mint cross-tools for cygwin64

Atari™ Mint GNU toolchain compiled for cygwin64

About this

This is my personal build of Vincent Rivière's m68k-atari-mint cross-tools for cygwin64.

How to install

tar -C / -xf package.tar.xz

Each packages is a simple tarball. The build uses the same layout as the other cygwin cross-tools (mingw ...). Meaning the prefix is /usr. The system root (sysroot) is /usr/m68k-atari-mint/sys-root.

Normally the GNU toolchain can be relocated as long as the relative path stay the same.


The following cygwin packages have to be installed. You should not need the exact version. As long as the package provides the dependency file it should be compatible.

Package VersionDependency file
libgcc1 6.4.0-2 /usr/bin/cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll
libgmp10 6.1.2-1 /usr/bin/cyggmp-10.dll
libmpc3 1.0.3-1 /usr/bin/cygmpc-3.dll
libmpfr4 3.1.5-1p10 /usr/bin/cygmpfr-4.dll
cygwin 2.9.0-3 /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll

What happened with gdb ?

The current Atari Mint version of gdb is old enough (5.1). Unfortunately it does not support building for a x86_64-pc-cygwin host. I did not try furthermore at this point. I have no idea how easy or difficult it would be to compile it.

Disclaimer as usual

This has NOT been thoroughly tested, not even close. It means I did compile and run a simple program and that's about it.


Atari™ Mint GNU toolchain for cygwin64

All packages in one (binutils, gcc, mintbin, sysroot) [10.42 MB] - md5 - sig

binutils for cygwin64

binutils 2.28 (mint 20170531 patch) [1.04 MB] - md5 - sig

gcc for cygwin64

gcc 4.6.4 (mint 20170531 patch) [8.36 MB] - md5 - sig

mintbin for cygwin64

mintbin (CVS 20110527) [37.46 KB] - md5 - sig

Mint sysroot (mint and PML) for cygwin64

mintlib (Git-20170304) and PML (2.03) [1.00 MB] - md5 - sig